Escort Services Munich

British Professional Dominatrix, living in Europe. I love the control and power exchange that comes with the D/s relationship. Submit to me and be used however I see fit.. I’m sexy, sensual and naturally dominant. This is no game for me. Obey me, worship me, submit to me..

I specialize in domination, fetish, and erotic massage. I love being in control. My manner is simple and direct and I’m not easily shocked. Best escort services in Munich Clear communication and well defined boundaries are important to me. Within the frame trust, play takes on a character of total freedom, where we can fully relax and forget everything else. I love to give - on my terms. I am especially skilled in erotic massage, and it gives me great satisfaction to use my hands to relax tense muscles, release endorphins, and put you in a state of complete erotic reciprocity, finished with an ecstatic release to leave you wonderfully clear-minded and restored. I find it particularly erotic and stimulating to give prostate massages.